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ATW Airline Industry Achievements Awards

Friday, MAY 31, 2024


Please direct any questions to ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker at [email protected] or +1 (703) 656-6300

Important Nomination Submission Notes

Nominations for the 50th Annual ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards can be submitted for multiple categories. Each nomination should answer each of the questions and points contained in the online nomination form. An introductory overview by the airline/company CEO or senior executive is also welcome. 

Detailed statistics supporting the nomination are important and may include financials, safety credentials, traffic numbers or other data. We prefer Word documents but also accept PDFs. Other supporting documentation can include press releases, video, images, and customer endorsements. Please upload your supporting documentation within the online submission form.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, January 25, 2024.

Guidelines by Category

The recipient of the ATW Airline of the Year must demonstrate exceptional performance across all business and operational parameters for the 15-month period up to November 30, 2023. The airline must stand out against its peer competitors, have an outstanding record of safety, customer service, financials, product innovation, eco commitment, labor relations and community endeavor.

This award goes to an airline that practices and innovates in exceptional eco operations.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the top Award to an individual who has achieved a long, exemplary and standard-setting achievement across the industry. The Recipient will be a distinguished figure, likely retired but typically still connected to the industry, who is well-recognized across the industry, highly respected and who is regarded as a game changer.

The ATW Excellence in Leadership Award is given to an individual who heads an airline or major air transport organization. The person should be currently employed in the air transport industry and who is demonstrating outstanding and exemplary contributions to the air transportation industry.

This award goes to an airline that has set itself apart from its peers, either in a geographic region or a market sector, or that has created or stimulated a market.

This award goes to a low-cost carrier that is exceptional in the budget airline market.

This award is open to dedicated airfreight airlines and to passenger airlines thar operate substantial cargo businesses.

This award is open to any airline, independently run or part of a franchise, that operates aircraft of 70-seats and fewer on short- and medium-haul routes.

This award goes to a company or organization that provides or supports exceptional eco-aviation operations.

The 2024 ATW Awards will be the 50th Anniversary of this event. As part of the additional celebrations to mark this milestone, ATW is launching a new Award to recognize those airlines, companies, organizations or individuals that are making a difference through their work to the lives and well-being of people around the world.

Nominees can qualify through their charity fund-raising and support efforts; active involvement in community improvement projects; active participation in disaster relief operations or similar activities.

This award goes to the airport that provides exceptional service to its airline, passenger and cargo customers.

This award goes to a company, supplier or agency that has developed a technology or new product that significantly advances the air transportation industry.


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